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About Us
McFunSoft is a software company founded in 2000. We create multimedia authoring and graphic solutions. Our goal is to make powerful and easy-to-use applications for home users, professionals and companies.
Company Profile

McFunSoft’s Mission to give people what they really want in multimedia solution.
All our products are Shareware, which is a means of distributing software on a "try before you buy" basis. With this method we are sure that the program you buy meets your needs. We take 'Think as a customer' as our faith, so customers’ satisfaction is the very thing we fight for.

For more and more people, creating and managing digital content - and sharing it with others - is becoming a part of the way they work, learn and play. McFunSoft focus on customers' requirement over this area. We create solution from customers' opinion, such as habit in multimedia operations (no matter in software, DV or home TV). Today, we are proud to enlist our name into one of the best in multimedia solutions.

Beside the enjoyment of customers, our products also are money-saved and time-saved. 'High-quality and low-price', 'nice in taste and effective in use' and 'easy in use but powerful in realization', all these comments come from our customer, and they are the resource of our ceaseless passion.

Postal Address
McFunSoft Inc.
457 Oak Hollow Dr
Sperryville Virginia 22773