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McFunSoft Video Capture
Size: 3.89MB
Uninstall: Supported
Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server
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McFunSoft Video Capture

McFunSoft Video Capture is a useful application that enables you to record video files, images and sound into AVI video files. You can capture desired images, sound and video files from TV Tuner card, digital video, digital camera, USB cameras, PCI capture card, etc. The captured video files can be saved as AVI (using any compression codec) or WMV (using any desired profile) format. You can also capture single frame images and perform a list of operations to captured files such as apply graphic and text overlays, pause/resume during video capture operations, on-the-fly video capture compression, etc.
To sum up, the possibility of Mcfunsoft video capture is endless! Try it now!

Excellent output quality
Combine powerful image and video capturing capabilities with the most powerful image editor, you could receive the most excellent output quality.
Capture from all most-used devices
Capture videos from DV,digital camera, USB cameras and PCI capture card and other video capturing devices.
You can not only capture video from DV, TV Tuner, digital camera, but also record from these device.
Add effect and title
Add a set of amazing video effects.
Add title on the Video.
Minimum System Requirements
Processor type: Pentium
Processor speed: 233 MHz
Memory (Cache): 64 MB RAM Minimum
Hard disk: IDE
Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server
Soundcard: MME-compatible Soundcard
Graphics: 256 colors @ 800 x 600
"McFunSoft Video Capture shows high performance in stability, functionality, usability and compatibility. It is one of the best solutions in video converting, and we highly recommend it."'s Review (Highest Rating 5/5)
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