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Rippers & Encoders FAQs

My computer DVD player handles my newly converted DVD files, but my home DVD player won't take them!

We strongly recommend burning DVDs with Nero after the conversion. According to our tests, Nero performs the top level in burning, and is available over

I'm trying to find a video converter to convert wmv and/or mpg to asf, so that I can stream it with a Windows Media Server. Does your software do this?

There is no need to convert wmv to asf. Windows Media Server supports wmv files perfectly. Asf is a sort of previous version of wmv, so wmv has a more advanced format.

Does DVD Rip Master support Windows Media 9?

More advanced than other converters, DVD Rip Master supports Windows Media 9. Moreover, we are watching for new releases from Microsoft and include support for them in our programs. We will update our software with advancements in technology.

About DVD Rip Master pro, I have selected the DVD stream to encode but only get about 10 minutes worth, why?

Have you pressed the “whole” button in output settings? You need to do this every time you load a stream to set the amount of frames to encode.

DVD Rip Master Pro says that the audio format DTS decoding is not supported, why?

Since all DVDs are required to have an AC3 track by DVD movie standards this is not required and would not really gain anything if it was included.

DVD Rip Master Pro says "Auth.dll can't authenticate drive Disk may not be locked", what do I do?

This means that the Auth.dll has failed when attempting to unlock your DVD drive. If the drive is still actually locked then running a program like Smart ripper can unlock it. This message can appear occasionally when the drive is already unlocked as well or if working from a film ripped to your hard drive. In that case you just proceed as normal.

When I encode a film the picture comes out looking either squashed or stretched, how do I fix it?

Well this is harder. If the default zoom settings don't work for you ( I use medium zoom for 16:9 DVDs, and full zoom for 4:3 DVDs, converting to 352x288 PAL, and haven't had any problems that way) then what you need to do is use the custom zoom. By trimming the original picture size you can adjust what the outputted picture looks like. Its all trial and error though, until you find what works best for you.

I have trouble burning chapters or lose sync when i use fast-forward for SVCD on my dvd player?

Nero seems to have a problem with these but other programs like VCDEasy work fine. So if you get either of those problems use something other than Nero. If you insist upon using Nero then make sure you have the latest version as any bugs may have been fixed.

Why is the internal MPEG encoder so slow?

Because it is only there for your convenience and as a default fallback encoder. You will get much better speed and quality using an external encoder such as Main Concept, Tmpgenc, Cinemacraft or Ligos encoders etc. These are commercial programs and may be too rich for your bank account (Tmpgenc does have a limited free version), or you may have problems running/setting them up. Read the Documentation that comes with DVD Rip Master Pro for instructions about setting them up and using.

DVD Rip Master Pro crashes at 99% complete with AVIsynth, why crashes at 99% complete with AVIsynth, why?

If DVD Rip Master Pro encounters an error while decoding, the MPEG2 stream can crash or send a comp-Internal Error to the video server. Try reducing the frames to encode by a second or two (25 fps for PAL etc.) and try again.

I set video compression using a bitrate calculator and the file is not the size expected. Why?

Bitrate calculators work on the theory that all frames will be the same bitrate. With compression such as DivX, this isn't usually true. Usually, only keyframes are the full size and all frames between are the differences to the previous frame compressed. No calculator will ever give you the exact bitrate to use, but they are a good guide. Don't set Keyframes to every second as you will not get a better quality picture but simply give your CPU more work. Do things like increase the bitrate and/or reduce the maximum quantization (if able) and you will get the extra file size and a better quality film. The new Divx 5.0.3 seems to actually push file size up (from my own tests), lowering max bitrate (profiles turned off to enable this) should reduce it though.

I have created an avi but the audio goes out of sync, what do I do?

This happens if you use the Radium (hacked version of the Fraunhoffer) codec. It has a lazy bitrate and so the audio blocks aren't the full size they should be. Use the Nlame option to do the audio output (Mp3) in DVD Rip Master Pro. It is also faster than the Radium codec so you not only get no sync problems but it will take a little less time to encode. Also don't forget there is the "Audio/Video Synchronization" in the input settings.

I am making a skin for DVD Rip Master Pro but what do the 0x000000 for color mean?

Ignore the first 2 characters but keep them in your skin .ini as shown with the Metal skin. The last 6 stand for BBGGRR where B is blue, G is green and R is red. They are in hex format e.g. 01,02.....0E,0F.

When I try to use video converter I keep getting the error message: Cannot Create file "C:\Program Files\Video Convert Master\~convert.bat". Access Is Denied

The problems happened is because you have no permission to write to C:\
So you have to be sure you can write to your C drive. I suggest you can login as "Administrator" when start your computer and use our software again.

Error message says "unable to write to c:\program files\video convert master\codec.dll"

Please re-install Video Convert Master to a different directory and then launch Video Convert Master again.

What do the "Priority" settings in the main menu mean (High, Normal etc.)

This can make a difference if you have any other programs running. If you have McFunSoft DVD to 3GP Video Rip/Convert Workshop set to high it will get more CPU time than another program that is set at normal. As an example, you may see windows take a second longer to open.

What is the “Save your DVD drive” for and what should it be set at?

The idea behind this is to save the motor on your dvd drive. Every time your drive has to start and stop, it is causing ware and tear. The less it has to startup the longer it should last. You can set this to "save to ram", which should only really be used if you have plenty of it. The other option is to "your hard drive" and should probably be used by most people. Size is up to you. It depends on how much room you have to spare, etc. The larger the buffer, the less spinups, so set it to at least a reasonable size. The difference in speed between sizes should be negligible, the only difference will be the spinup time.

What does “Force 24Hz” do?

Some NTSC DVDs, which are marked 29.97, are in fact 23.97 progressive. The 'detect prog 24' flag allows McFunSoft DVD to 3GP Video Rip/Convert Workshop to detect that type of DVD. This detection may not work so you have to check "Force 24Hz" if you think that this detection has failed and set output framerate to 23.97. You may get an error like 'too much frame or samples' if the dvd isn't 23.97 though.

How can I make an AVI fit on just 1 CD?

Use a bitrate calculator to work out what bitrate you need to use for the movie's length to get it to the size you want.

I have created an avi but nothing will load it, programs say it is corrupt, what do I do?

All I can suggest here is to try a program called Divfix. Using that you can strip the index and rebuild it. If that fails you will have to look at your codecs and possibly try re-installing them. Also if the AVI is larger than 2 gigabyte it will not work. McFunSoft DVD to 3GP Video Rip/Convert Workshop makes version 1.0 AVIs which are limited to to 2 gigabyte so anything above that will also show as corrupt.